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4 seasons

"Four Seasons Of Lake Annecy"
Acrylic ,Ink and Gouache on canvas
70cm x 280 cm. 2018

painting woods

"Dream Catcher"
Acrylic on Canvas
100cm x 80cm

view on lake annecy

"Mountain View"
Ink Acrylic & Gouache on canvas
100 cm x 80cm

lake annecy painting

"Lake Annecy"
Oil painting -2015

young man

"Tree Of Knowledge"
Susan Stewart
Oil on canvas


"On the Road"
Acrylic on canvas with gesso
100 x 80 cm


"In the Woods"
Acrylic on linen with gesso
100 x 80cm

water painting

"The Chase"
Susan Stewart
Oil on wood-2013

contemporary art painting

"Young Man With Sunset"
Susan Stewart
Oil on board with cut out-2012

mixed media sculpture

"Lake Wequaquet"
Susan Stewart
Oil on wood with newspaper
bannister cardboard and cutout

still life painting

"Inside A Still Life"
Susan Stewart
Oil on linen- 2010


"Mountain Lake & Sailboat"
Oil Painting-2015

snow painting

"The Last Meeting"
Susan Stewart
Oil painting -2014


"Sand Castles"
Oil on board with paper music notes and sand

forest painting

"Birch Tree Forest 2"
Oil on board-2015

multi media painting

"Nocturne No.3"
Oil on wood with newspaper, cardboard
and plant


"Fire & Music"
Photo with pigmented ink
on treated jet ink surface

mountain lake

"Young Man Cat and View"
Oil on wood box with newspaper

dog painting

"Yuki Onna"
Photo with pigmented ink
on treated jet ink surface
50x35 cm

shipping. Thank you aoy
About Susan Stewart

Susan Stewart is an American artist living in France. She was born in 1959 in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Susan was a professional classical dancer with the Joffrey Ballet in New York City. She danced as a soloist from 1977 to 1983. In 1985 she and her husband moved to France where she began her studies at the, Ecole Des Beaux Arts, in Annecy, France.

Susan paints with oil and acrylic on different supports including canvas, newspaper, music sheets, wood or other found objects. She also works in collages that incorporate different everyday objects found in nature or in society including shells, sticks, leaves etc.
In her paintings Susan expresses her most poignant memories. She works at creating a harmony between color, movement and shape, often with a reference to music, society and nature. In her patches of color Susan adapts nature and changes it to convey a certain mood which enables her to reach something higher spiritually. Ms. Stewarts work asks us to reflect upon the complexities of the human existence in society and nature. A nature that is slowly disappearing along with her memories. Therefore she looks back at the past and expresses her memories as if in a dream. They are fabricated memories and they invite the viewer to dream with her.

Ms. Stewarts' collages are created with objects that have a certain link with the Arts such as paints, books and music sheets. Paint and collage are a large part of her 3 D sculptures she paints her dream memories on different shapes and on different supports that she then puts together like a puzzle. She is often inspired by the shape of an object or even the grain of a piece of wood to lead her hand in painting.

Susans work is based upon "old" memories that she rearranges to create "new" memories. Through painting and sculpture she revisits a particular person or poignant moment in her life and expands upon it. Often times she is inspired by her own photos which she changes to suit a new vision. Her work integrates a meticulous study of art history through dance, literature, music and painting. She is inspired by such artists as Munch, Matisse, Van Gogh, Jasper Johns, Raushenberg, Niki St Phalle and others.

Ms. Stewart has sold much of her work over the internet through her personal site and on ebay. She is presently preparing for a show.


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